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Self-Care Savvy is a health, wellbeing and beauty brand dedicated to keeping you informed and inspired with thoughtfully curated content, health insights, wellbeing practices and beauty intel.

We live in times of absolutely unprecedented choice and opportunity. It has never made more sense to be informed, educated and discerning about your approach to wellbeing.

The fact is, you operate the best when you take care of yourself. Everything is constantly changing around us and the ground underneath is always shifting. If there is a time to become more mentally, physically and emotionally agile, it is now. Resourcefulness is key, and investment in health and wellbeing could be your greatest asset.

Affiliate links provide the Self-Care Savvy audience with up-to-date insights, information on wellness practitioners, services, and wellbeing news from a wide spectrum of health, wellbeing and beauty resources.

Self-Care Savvy can facilitate your self-care development by providing helpful examples of self-care and by raising awareness of the benefits that an informed approach to self-care brings.



Hayley’s hands create a sense of stillness and deep relaxation when I really need it and my feet just love her! It feels like magic but it’s actually simply years of dedicated study and experience, a tailored blend of reflexology, massage and acupuncture. Treatment with someone who really cares about what they do while always giving that bit extra such as recommending an inspiring article to read or the best place to buy essential oils. Just writing this makes me want to book my next session.
— Maria Christofi





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